Create a profile information card for a social media site
Here's a design for a profile information card:hero-section
Now make it dark themed
Here's the updated design with a dark theme:hero-section

Text to Design

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Transform text and images into stunning Figma designs instantly.

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  • 2 hoursUnderstanding Requirements
  • 2 hoursResearch and Analysis
  • 2 hoursConceptualization and Ideation
  • 4 hoursCreating Wireframes
  • 4 hoursReview and Approval
  • 8 hoursDesign Icons, Mockups and Prototypes
  • 3 hoursUsability Testing
  • 7 hoursRevisions and Iterations
  • 4 hoursFinal Design and Handoff
  • + ∞ hoursUpdating spacing, colors, and alignment
  • = 36 hours just to design a single page

Let's be honest, Design is hard.

Designing a single page can be time-consuming and complex, involving many steps from understanding requirements to creating prototypes and making revisions.

But what if there was a better way?

Meet your AI Sidekick

Save hours of time and effort with our AI-powered design assistant.

Simply type your design ideas and let AI transform them into real Figma elements. Ideal for designers of all levels, wishing to improve the quality and quantity of their work.


Real stories from satisfied creators

Create a design similar to this image:hero-section
Absolutely! Here's a design similar to the image provided:hero-section
Now make it light theme
Here's the updated design with a light theme:hero-section

AI-Powered Design Generation

Unleash your creativity with our AI Assistant. It's more than just helpful - it takes your ideas to the next level. Turn your thoughts into perfect Figma designs quickly and easily. Just type in what you're thinking, and our AI will do the hard work for you. It's not just a tool, it's a partner in your creative journey. With us, you're not just making designs - you're changing the way design works.

  • • Text to Design
  • • Text to Image
  • • Image to Design
  • • Design to Code
  • • And much more

And it's free to start!

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Subscription Plans

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~ 20 UI elements

Image Generation





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~ 2500 UI elements

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~ 450 UI elements

Image Generation

Frequently asked questions

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What is Text to Design?
Text to Design is a Figma plugin that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate Figma designs based on your text description or image examples. It can be used to create various design elements such as navigation bars, hero sections, product cards, wireframes, and more.
How does Text to Design work?
Text to Design works by taking your text input and image input and using its AI algorithms to interpret your requirements and generate designs. These designs can then be directly imported into Figma, making it easy to create visually appealing designs based on your text input.
Why is the generation taking so long?
The generation can take upto 3 minutes in some cases. This is because the AI model needs to create the styling and composition for each element in the design. This process can take a while depending on the complexity of the design.
What if I don't like the generated design?
You can always generate a new design by clicking on the 'Re-generate' button. You can also change the description to get a different design.
How do I report a bug or suggest a feature or ask a question?
You can report a bug or suggest a feature or ask a question by dropping a mail to

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